Friday, September 16, 2011

Quick Tip - Strong Passwords

     When making a new account, you may find yourself wondering if you've created a secure enough password.  There's a few rules of thumb to keep in mind when constructing a secure but easy to remember password and they include:
     1 - Always include at least three types of symbols, the most proficient and easy to remember combination being numbers, capital, and than lower case letters.  Although lower and capital are both letters, they are different sets of symbols, and therefore greatly increase the amount of brute force necessary to crack a password.
     2 - Make small rules and guidelines for making passwords so that you can change them on the fly, as well as keeping multiple passwords in relative environments.  For instance, use one letter and a meaningful word that's capitalized, now try thinking of a few different combinations of this, and you quickly have at least three secure passwords that are easy to remember.  example: 1Poodle, Poodle1, 1Poodle1
     3 - Don't get overly complex with your passwords!  At first it may seam to be a good idea to make your bank account password 14 characters long with 4 numbers and 2 capitals, but in the end you never want to pick something you could have a hard time remembering; it will get you stuck in a bind.
     There you go, its just that simple, and always remember to keep your security tight, because even a secure password doesn't assure safety.


  1. Nice guide man a lot of brute forcing out there these days my password is p455w012d good huh

  2. I remember one of the first programs I ever wrote was a password generator...

    Every password cracking software I had could not get through the passwords.

  3. I don't think you've mentioned it yet, but be sure to include how to thwart the 'boot in safe mode' exploit to user accounts. Otherwise, good work and keep it up!